Monday, January 10, 2011

The Change

"A diet changes the way you look. A fast changes the way you see." - Lisa Bevere

How is it going? I mean, really. Are you s
till fasting? Has it changed the way you see things? Is God using it to show you something? If not, reconsider this idea of the fast. The purpose of the fast is for you to sacrifice something. If you don't normally eat breakfast and you decide that you are going to abstain from breakfast, you are not sacrificing much. If fasting from something
costs you nothing then it means nothing. If God is not using this season to show you something, reconsider what you are fasting and ask God to direct your thoughts.

Our prayers and thought are with you and what it is that you are seeking God for. Blessings from the GCC staff. We are all honored to journey together with you.

-Pastor Josh

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