Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Worry!!!

It's so much easier to say to someone else than to live it out yourself! We all have so many things that can encumber our minds and distract us from a focused life and prevent us from walking in peace. The words of the Apostle to the Philippians was right on when he said, "...Don't worry about anything, but pray about everything..." Phil. 4:6
My encouragement to you today is that you will saturate your life in a spirit of prayer, knowing that your Father in Heaven cares about you, and that He has the power to effect the change in you and around you in Jesus' Name!
Pray with me today...

"My God and my Father, I come to you with a list that can, at times, be so very long. Sometimes, I confess, I've neglected to bring you my 'stuff' because I was overwhelmed by it's oppression, consumed by the worry and fear of what those things may bring, or I felt that perhaps you were too busy for me, but today, I COME TO YOU! Thank you that in Your presence there is peace for my weary mind, and joy for the journey I'm on. Thank you that You have the power to change my life and make all things new. Today, I bring you my list - I bring You my life - I bring You my love and worship. Today, You are the awesome God who loves me and cares about me, and I TRUST Jesus' Name, Amen"

Now, may you live in the peace of God that passes all understanding, knowing that your God is going to work it all out!

Be blessed!

~Pastor Randy

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  1. Amen and Amen!!!!! Prayer brings us into a closer position with Jesus and even if circumstances don't change, you always feel better when your close friends are near.....Diane Boven