Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hold on, help is on the way!

The title for this blog brings back the echoes of the song from the movie, "The Preachers Wife". The take-away line from that song was that phrase, "Hold on, help is on the way". Can I tell you today, IT'S TRUE! Hold on, Child of God, help is on the way - because the Helper is on the way!

All too often we're tempted to give-up just before the answer shows up. I think Daniel maybe was feeling a little bit the same way, when he had been fasting and praying for 21 days, and he looks up to see the most magnificent sight of his life. Daniel 10 tells the story and verse 12 gives us hope.

Dan 10:12 "Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. NIV

I believe that our petitions are heard in Heaven and that our Father dispatches His Heavenly hosts to accomplish what concerns you and me. Hold on. Join me in praying today...

"Father, forgive us for ever quitting. Forgive us for losing hope in desperate times. Give us the tenacity of Daniel to continue to seek Your Kingdom in prayer and hold on, knowing full-well that our prayers are being heard by You and that You will bring Your Word to fruition. Father, today, we believe You...we believe Your Word...we believe, in spite of circumstances, that Your will is going to be done! Help us right now to hold on in faith as we fast and pray and humble ourselves before our awesome God! We love you and pray this today in Jesus' Name! Amen!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for your diligence in prayer. God does hear and will answer. Be abundantly blessed!

~Pastor Randy

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  1. Hope filled and help filled, not to mention timely. Why is it so tempting to lose hope when God NEVER forgets His promises?