Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Your Will Be Done...

Obviously, the words from Matthew 6 where Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray. What a powerful thought - that God would entrust you and I with the authority to pray His will into existence.
When I think about His will, I think about those things that are in keeping with His revealed Word and nature. Those things, unfortunately, don't always line up with my will. Thus the conflict between His Kingdom and "...the kingdoms of this (my) world..." What we should be praying for, are those things that "could be and should be". Think about it a minute! What could be - and for that matter should be, in your life? It brings a lot of things to mind.
So as we focus toward the end of this designated fasting and prayer time, please join me in prayer in believing God for the actualization and fulfillment of His will for our church.

"Oh, God, my Father, I come to you today on behalf of our church family - and the ministry it represents here in the Pinellas County communities. We have fallen so far short of truly seeing Your will come to pass for our church. We call for prayer, and allow the things of this life to distract us from seeking Your face. We hunger for an outpouring of Your Spirit but languish in our resolve to see it happen in us. We need true fellowship and unity yet allow the unimportant to separate us from each other. We yearn for understanding and knowledge of the Holy One and yet fade in regard to discipleship. We have a blurred vision for Missions, and live the adage of "...out of sight - out of mind." We speak of stewardship but we have prioritized everything but God in our wallets and checkbooks. We dream of ministry and yet bristle at the idea of "serving" someone else. Lord, all these things, and so many more are indications of Your desired plan for our church. I say, Oh God, along with the faithful of Your people - BRING YOUR WILL TO PASS! We say along with Jesus today - "Not my will, but Thine be done!"

May every blessing from being in Christ, be Yours today, in Jesus' Name! Amen"

God bless you and have a wonderful week in Jesus!

~Pastor Randy

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